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I’m Ashli.
Aries sun, Pisces rising, Pisces moon. Enneagram 8...I think?  Oh and user0393773 called me "an old loud lonely 30-something who doesn't have a partner or kids because I'm insufferable to listen to". My mom says  I'm cool though and that's all that matters .
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Hi friend!! Today, I’m sharing my go-to shopping destinations that I pretty much always have open in my tabs – ranging from well-known giants to hidden gems that deserve a spotlight. If you’re anything like me, you understand the pure joy that comes from discovering the perfect pieces to elevate your home and style. So, kick back and let’s talk about what to get where, at all my favorite places.

Well-Known Retailers:

1. West Elm:

Photo: West Elm

West Elm is my furniture sanctuary, where I invested in timeless pieces that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with exceptional quality. From statement sofas to elegant dining tables, West Elm is my go-to for anchor pieces that I really NEED to be legit. I bought my dining room table, my custom sofa, a coffee table, and a few other pieces from West Elm. Not 100% sure I would recommend my sofa, but I’ve had great support from customer service and every other piece has been a lifechanger. Did I mention they do FREE visits to your space and design consultations? I loved mine and it made me a West Elm girlie for sure.

Click here for my BELOVED dining table (best purchase of my life).

2. Crate and Barrel:

Photo: West Elm

Crate and Barrel also has great furniture, and well made. To be honest, I would spend more there if their customer service was better, but my West Elm gal Julia (hey girl!) puts so much care into what we select for our home. Crate and Barrel associates act like I’m annoying them when I ask a question lol so instead, I let them steal my heart with the charming knick-knacks, chic dishware, and stylish glassware. It’s my go-to for adding the perfect finishing touches to any space, or investing in a nice Creuset set.

Click here for the most gorgeous glassware (I own these and get compliments ALWAYS).

3. Nordstrom:

Photo: Nordstrom

In the fashion industry, Nordstrom reigns *supreme* for almost everything – but is the ultimate destination for shoes. Idk why, but I feel like lately they’ve gotten very Macys and boring with their clothing selections, but maybe that’s cause I’m a big Bloomingdales girlie. Regardless, their website is always stocked with the best and I love to poke around to see what shoe deals I can find. Their curated selection never fails to impress, whether I’m searching for everyday essentials or statement pieces that make a lasting impression.

Click here for the best shoe selection online.

4. Zara:

Photo: Zara

The thing I love about Zara is that anyone can wear the pieces and look amazing but their photoshoots are wild, with women contorting into a bunch of different directions to look interested lol BUT ALAS I do consider it a fashion go-to, consistently offering trendy options at affordable prices. It’s my reliable source for keeping my wardrobe fresh, vibrant, and aligned with the latest fashion trends.

Click here to shop (and specifically look at the blazers!! 10/10).

5. Target:

Photo: Threshold by Target

Target…need I say more?! I don’t shop at Target for the clothing anymore but I’m SO in love with the Threshold collection by Studio McGee and Hearth and Hand by Magnolia, as a “transitional modern organic” kinda gal. You also can’t go wrong with their dish and glassware, as well as their amazing candle collection. Target strikes the perfect balance between affordability and on-trend design and makes for a great reason to get out of the house and accidentally spend $100 lol

Click here for my favorite part of Target (minus the Starbucks)

6. Amazon:

Amazon is the biggest “duh” on this list and I love to use it for all of those things you do (the quick buys, the same day delivery, etc) but I also love to get basics that don’t have to be nice. T-shirts, bodysuits, sweatpants, etc.

Click here for my Amazon storefront.

Hidden Gems:

1. Scout Design Studio:

Photo: Google

Scout Design Studio is my FAVORITE PLACE for unique and stunning art pieces that tell a story on my walls. Their curated collection adds an artistic touch to my space, making it a go-to destination for those seeking one-of-a-kind finds. Personally I love Tat Frederick, I love shopping their drawer pulls/handles to elevate IKEA furniture, or even scouring their vintage finds.

Click here for the coolest most unique art and click here for Tat Frederick, exclusively sold at Scout.

2. Coming Soon NY:

Photo: Coming Soon NY

Coming Soon NY is the quintessential “hidden gems” example, a big #iykyk energy here. It’s my quirky glassware paradise, especially the dirty martini glass that adds a touch of whimsy to my collection. It’s the go-to spot for those looking to elevate their table settings with distinctive and playful pieces.

Click here for my favorite martini glasses in the world.

3. Flamingo Estate:

Photo: Flamingo Estate

Flamingo Estate is the COOLEST brand, and takes herbs, fruits, oils, vegetables, and more from this mans BEAUTIFUL gardens, turning them into products that can be trusted as high quality and full of care. It steals the show with soaps and candles, particularly the tomato scent that brings a slice of nature indoors. It’s my go-to for creating a sensory-rich and luxurious atmosphere in my home, or gifting something lovely to a friend or work acquaintance.

Click here to fall in love.

4. COS:

Ok so not exactly part of “hidden gems” as it’s well known, but living in the Midwest, I find that not everyone knows COS. COS is where I go when I want to dress like The Row with a budget like Zara – think quality made affordable with elegance. I highly recommend turning to Cos for pieces you’ll wear for years; think Coats, Cashmere, Blazers, some shoes. It’s the perfect spot for those looking to elevate their wardrobe with stylish and affordable fashion.

Click here to find your new favorite luxe pieces.

5. Vestiaire Collective:

Photo: Vestiaire Collective

I’m a HUGE fan of a luxury bag – I think it makes the cheapest outfit look more pulled together. I also love to buy used bags from places like The RealReal, Fashionphile and more, but Vestiaire Collective is definitely the best deals of all of them and a treasure trove for designer dreams. Vestiaire offers a curated selection of pre-loved luxury bags, jewelry, etc but it’s always where I turn when I want to add a touch of high-end glamour to my accessory collection. Think: buying a $3,500 Gucci bag for $800. Yep.

Click here to buy your next Gucci or Loewe bag.


Now, armed with this shopping guide, it’s time to curate your own collection of favorites. Whether you’re into well-known brands or seeking the thrill of discovery in hidden gems, these retailers have something special waiting for you.

Remember, the joy of shopping is not just in the items themselves but in the stories they tell and the memories they create. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, or DM me at @ashli_p to chat through any questions you have!

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