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I always thought really successful or accomplished women had their shit together until I realized people thought I was successful or accomplished lol I don't even understand how people have time to be so put together?! I'm a mess. I'm learning myself. I'm irresponsible sometimes and a rockstar at other times. All the while, giving myself grace. And publicly humiliating myself along the way.

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Meet Ashli - Entrepreneur by day,  
T-Rex by night

If you follow me for more than 3 minutes, you'll probably notice I spend a lot of time with my family. Being childless and in my mid-to-late 30's (cue white men gasping on Fox News), I love to spoil my nephews and niece with a jolly good time - which lately includes running around like a dinosaur. A hard pivot from my day job, running 5 exciting businesses and doing so the best I can, with my tiny T-Rex arms.

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