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Ashli Pollard, a five-time business founder with a decade of experience at fashion powerhouses such as Prada, Rebecca Minkoff, Oscar de la Renta, and Kendall and Kylie, is a dynamic speaker and visionary entrepreneur. Her journey includes collaborations with celebrities like Brooke Shields and Bethenny Frankel, showcasing not just her business prowess but her impact in the world of public relations and marketing.

From commanding panels to impactful speaking engagements, Ashli leaves an indelible mark with insights shaped by her unique blend of fashion expertise and entrepreneurial acumen. As a media personality, she champions intentional lifestyles, purposeful careers, and influential businesses. Through curated presentations, Ashli inspires others to build sustainable legacies in business, embodying the spirit of a true industry visionary.



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Boiler Plate Bio / Info

About Ms. Ashli Pollard:

Ashli Pollard is a seasoned, trusted, and expert business developer and strategist, bringing 11 years of successful business development in the fashion industry in NYC for 11+ years to female entrepreneurs in her second life. While working in the fashion industry, she was the leading sales and business manager for businesses like Rebecca Minkoff, Hunter Boots, Sam Edelman while also building from scratch or helping develop in early stages brands like Kendall and Kylie and supporting business such as Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Sergio Rossi, and BCBGMAXAZRIA.

Ashli is now known for her remarkable dedication to the advancement of women in entrepreneurship with her umbrella business Cocky Ventures which oversees and owns 50-100% of four businesses as of December 2023.

Team AP Consulting hosts her entrepreneurship membership - the most robust and informative membership created thus far with resources from her corporate background distilled to tangible support for small female led businesses and passion projects.

Dial Zero Marketing supports female led product and  personal brands through branding, social media mktg, email mktg, product and/or packaging design, and growth strategy.

Fast Forward Production, the only business in her portfolio not owned in full, is ran by her best friend of 17 years Sam Valentine and supports female podcast and/or Youtube accounts with editing, back end support, and marketing.

Finally, her product brand Me Time supports the daily function of women as it gives them a moment to be alone, to connect with themselves, and thus better connect to others.

Ashli's voice only is truly her most memorable factor; merging both a loud and at times abrasive tone with an empowerment and "big sister" energy, her loyal and dedicated following continues to support her as she shares with vulnerability what it's like to run a business, be a women in her mid 30's in the 2020's, and other lessons that most tend to hide away. Her two podcasts "The Unfiltered Entrepreneur" and her second podcast currently named "The Daily Hype" (though under construction) give real and honest looks into the emotion, the struggle, the highs and lows, the learning, and the humor of Ashli's daily life.

Ashli's commitment to the advancement of women in many ways has made her a respected figure among women, peers, business leaders worldwide, and most  importantly, her family which is her most important pillar.

Original  Quotes:

- It's not hard. It's new. 
- A messy now wins more than a perfect later.
- A woman's cocky is a mans humble.
- All women need a healthy dose of Cocky White Guy Syndrome.

Causes and Stances:

- Support of the LGBTIA+ community, specifically the trans community is a non-negotiable.
- Affordable and helpful care for women escaping domestic violence needs urgent change.
- Men should not make decisions about a woman's body, especially with the law.

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With past experience speaking at colleges, high schools, young adult non-profits, business summits, leadership seminars, and more, Ashli's talent for speaking to the audience with authenticity as well as in partnership with the hosting partner makes her a strong candidate for your next speaker.