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You’ve got the idea. Check. Now….what? Now you dive into the work that sets the foundation from the very beginning. Every mistake I see in business comes down to these core fundamentals: missing out on a clear focus/direction; overlooking the importance of website, email and SEO; ignoring sales tactics and just hoping people buy; and lacking true growth strategy to get you where you're going. When I first started out, I didn't have a ton of money to spend on custom guidance, the best website, or other expensive opportunities. Do I believe they can change a business - absolutely, but I  simply didn't have the money to do it. When I was building out

my passive income products (all of these lessons come from Square One Accelerator - my signature course!), I took a look to see which lessons were the most impactful. I kept hearing the same thing - ease in their business brought from 4 main subjects, now all available as bundles. Each of these comes with multiple quick lessons (who has hours and hours to watch videos? We want to get to work!), exercises, templates PLUS access our invite-only Facebook group. I never want someone to think that money keeps them from their dreams - just know that what you want is achievable, possible and totally within reach. I believe in you x

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never let waiting become a habit

never let waiting become a habit


do you offer payment plans?

We do offer payment plans! Click through to see the pricing options for each. We offer payment plans for all products/services excited our 90-minute call.

Does this come with an 1:1 calls?

It does not, unfortunately. Feel free to add on a 90-minute consultation for a download of all your new information. 

Can I share the login with my team/friends?

Your login is for you only and cannot be shared by others. If you’d like to purchase for someone on your team to learn these lessons (we love this idea!), we encourage you to pass the $ to them so they can purchase and log in. Any login sharing will result with closing the account and no refunds will be made.

What if you make updates to the toolkit? Will I get them?

This is the BEST reason to buy a toolkit! Not if – WHEN – I make updates to the toolkit, you get every. single. one of them. Free of charge! Is something missing that you need? Let me know, it may be the best thing to add next to these. Immediate access, for life, with all updates to come. Pretty good right?