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3-Minute Makeup: GRWM for the Everyday

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I’m Ashli.
Aries sun, Pisces rising, Pisces moon. Enneagram 8...I think?  Oh and user0393773 called me "an old loud lonely 30-something who doesn't have a partner or kids because I'm insufferable to listen to". My mom says  I'm cool though and that's all that matters .
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In the fast-paced world of virtual meetings and on-the-go lifestyles, my 3-minute makeup hack is key. These steps came together organically but are now designed for you if you want to look effortlessly polished, Zoom-ready, and ready to conquer the day—all in just a few swift steps. Let’s dive into the magic of a quick and glamorous routine that combines the best of beauty with time-saving grace.

1. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream

To kickstart my routine, I swear by Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. This powerhouse moisturizer not only hydrates my skin but creates the perfect canvas for a flawless look. Its quick absorption ensures that my skin feels nourished without wasting precious morning minutes.

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2. Airbrush Flawless Foundation

Next up, I opt for the Flawless Filter Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury. Applying it with a kabuki brush ensures seamless coverage in record time. This foundation not only evens out my skin tone but also adds a luminous glow, making me look fresh and radiant for those Zoom meetings.

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3. Glossier’s Purple Cloud Paint

For a touch of natural-looking blush, I turn to Glossier’s Purple Cloud Paint. Its creamy formula blends effortlessly onto my skin, creating a rosy hue that brings instant life to my complexion. The ease of application makes it a go-to for a quick and radiant look.

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4. Charlotte Tilbury Cream Contour

Sculpting and contouring in minutes is made possible with Charlotte Tilbury’s Cream Bronzer. The creamy texture blends seamlessly, adding dimension to my face without the need for intricate techniques. It’s a game-changer for achieving a polished appearance without the time investment.

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5. Ilia Mascara

This is THE BEST mascara on the market, hands down. A quick swipe with their proprietary wand gives my lashes a voluminous lift, separates for a more day look, and make my eyes pop. It’s the perfect finishing touch to frame my face and enhance my overall Zoom presence.

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6. Revlon Mauve Lipstick

Adding a splash of color to my lips is as simple as applying Revlon’s Mauve Lipstick. The shade complements various looks, and its creamy formula glides on effortlessly. A swipe of this lipstick completes my Zoom-ready appearance with understated sophistication.

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7. Anastasia Brow Gel

Filling in my brows with Anastasia Brow Gel is the final touch to frame my face. The gel formula provides a quick and natural-looking definition, ensuring that my brows are on point without the need for meticulous precision.

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In just three minutes, this streamlined routine leaves me looking and feeling confident, polished, and ready for the day ahead. It’s a testament to the power of strategically chosen beauty products that deliver maximum impact with minimal effort. Embrace the efficiency of a 3-minute makeup routine, and let your Zoom-ready glam shine effortlessly. After all, in a world that moves swiftly, your beauty routine should keep pace without compromising on glamour.

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