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I’m Ashli.
Aries sun, Pisces rising, Pisces moon. Enneagram 8...I think?  Oh and user0393773 called me "an old loud lonely 30-something who doesn't have a partner or kids because I'm insufferable to listen to". My mom says  I'm cool though and that's all that matters .
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People call me crazy when I tell them I run 5 businesses, with another 3 ideas I plan to activate in time. However, I love what I do, mainly because I feel driven so strongly towards a goal: financial independence for women with confidence and resources. In the heart of our brand ecosystem lies a commitment to empowering women—financially, creatively, and personally. Our wide reach covers Team AP Consulting where our membership The Doers supports entrepreneurs, to the dynamic support of Dial Zero Marketing, Me Time our morning routine kit, and Fast Forward Production our podcast and Youtube production brand. Each venture of Cocky Ventures has a singular focus: the elevation and empowerment of women. Here’s a deeper dive into why our brands are purposefully designed for the women who aim to take charge of their lives.

1. Diverse Ventures, Singular Mission:

Our brand portfolio Cocky Ventures, comprising Team AP Consulting, Dial Zero Marketing, Me Time, and Fast Forward Production, represents a multifaceted approach to women’s empowerment. We cover multiple facets of the female experience by providing entrepreneurial guidance, investing in female-led businesses, or offering tailored products and services. Every brand under our umbrella dedicates it’s efforts to fostering financial independence and instilling unshakable confidence in women.

2. Expertise Forged in the Fashion Industry:

With over 13 years immersed in studying female consumer behavior within the fashion industry—working with esteemed brands like Prada, Rebecca Minkoff, Gucci, and more—I bring a wealth of insights and historical / anecdotal data regarding women’s needs. Following that career are three years of consulting with female-led brands that enrich our understanding of women, maturing, connecting, and more.

3. Confidence Through Basics and Growth:

Our guiding philosophy roots itself in the belief that smart, creative women merely need a solid foundation and the confidence to propel them to extraordinary heights. We’ve witnessed firsthand that by imparting the essential knowledge and nurturing their growth, these women can not only thrive but also reshape the world around them.

4. Holistic Empowerment:

We go beyond conventional business support. Our mission is to help women feel confident not only in their business acumen but also centered in their bodies. We believe in amplifying their voices, ensuring that they are heard, and ultimately changing the trajectory of their futures. Our resources and services are meticulously crafted to provide a holistic empowerment experience.

5. Women Supporting Women:

At the core of our commitment is the decision to exclusively work with women and hire women. This intentional choice is a reflection of our belief in the power of women supporting women. From leadership roles to collaborative projects, our team is a testament to the brilliance that emerges when women come together.

In essence, our brands are not just business ventures; they are catalysts for change. The women we work with are champions of financial independence. And the brands we support advocate for the unwavering confidence of women. We invite you on this transformative journey where empowering women is not just a goal but a way of life.

Here’s to the women who dream, create, and conquer. Together, we’re redefining what’s possible.

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